Special Offerings

We Make It Easier

When someone dies your world can be completely turned upside down.  The emotions of losing a loved one can make your head spin and difficult to focus.  Most people only experience a death every 7 to 10 years, so chances are you don't have much experience.  You are not sure what to do.  You don't know what your options are.  That's normal.  You're OK. Really.

What we do, here at Lawson-Roessner is to make it easier for you.  Not that we make it easy.  It is never easy to handle all the affairs surrounding a death.  But, we will guide you through  the steps.  Keep you on task.  Proceed at a pace that is right for you.

We provide special offerings according to your desires. We will take care of all the details ensuring that your event turns out just as you hoped.

It won't be easy.  But in the end, we'll help make it easier. We promise.


The Healing Farewell is an experience designed around your family. Since no two families are the same, neither should a loved ones farewell. The healing farewell provides opportunities for sharing, seeing, coping, reflecting and celebrating the life that your loved one lived. A meaningful experience will foster healing for each generation of the family. This experience provides all the basic services plus a gathering time and Special Offerings, as listed below.

The Simple Farewell provides the same services as the Healing Farewell without the body present.

The Natural Farewell is designed to provide the family the opportunity  of seeing their loved one without the use of caskets allowing the family a chance to say goodbye to their loved one.

Special Offerings

Satisfaction - Mike Roessner wants to personally guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our services. If there is anything that you are not satisfied with, please draw it to our attention immediately.

Lounge Area - We offer a lounge where we provide refreshments and allow you to enjoy snacks and meals in this area.

Greeters - We will be present through the visitation and service to greet  your guests and attend to your needs.

Grief Support -  We mail monthly newsletters to families and this website provides 24 hour grief support.

Internet Guest Book - Our website offers friends and family to share memories and condolences.

Dove Release - The white dove with its strong religious meaning can be a moving part of any service. Studies show that it is part of the human condition to look down when we are sad.  Limiting light to our eyes affects how we feel. When doves are released everyone follows them as our eyes provide us with gentle light therapy which has the ability to improve the way we feel. The dove release has been rated as the # 1 rated meaningful moment of the funeral event.

Video Tribute - "A picture says a thousand words." Pictures can tell a life story. Using photos provided by your family, we produce a video program that spans the life of your loved one.

Children's Star Booklets - The star booklets provide answers to questions, like - what is a funeral anyway?  they will answer questions about death and give children a chance to write a message to their loved one. Questions about death will lead to some of the most difficult and emotional moments parents can face.  Educating the youngest generation of your family about death will change their view of life.

Light of Love Medallions - A unique keepsake medallion is given to immediate family members.  This gold medallion has one part that says "Part of me stays with you."  This part is put in the casket with the deceased. The other part, which is kept, says "Part of you stays with me." These symbols are tokens of your love. Of course, other items may be place in the casket, such as pictures or letters.

Name Plate -  We provide a personalized name plate for the casket.  We come into the world with nothing but our good name but we leave our friends, relatives and many memories.  This name plate helps to symbolize and honor their memory.

Laminated Obituary - We  laminate copies of the obituary for the family members.

Limousine - A limousine is available AT EXTRA COST.